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Academic and Life Coaching for 
Adults and Adolescents with ADHD & Executive Function Disorder
 Tel: 201-785-7820 

Diversity Students

Do you..

  • get easily distracted?

  • struggle with completing tasks?

  • have difficulty getting started on work?

  • procrastinate profusely?

  • have difficulty planning and organizing?

  • forget directions and deadlines, and misplace belongings?

  • often feel overwhelmed? 


An ADHD/Executive Function Coach can:

  • partner with you in overcoming your challenges

  • explore strategies for growth and change.

  • create accountability and ownership over your goals

  • help you experience success and self-confidence

  • help you develop better organizational and time-management skills

  • meet with you via tele-coaching, if needed

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Parents, are you feeling frustrated and helpless when you see your child not fulfilling their true potential?
Grades slipping? Work incomplete, left to the last minute, not submitted? 
Distractions and lack of motivation an issue? 
Tired of constantly reminding and nagging? 
Wondering how you can encourage your child to work more independently?
Let's Talk
Teenage Boy on Mobile Phone
Are you overwhelmed with balancing work and family? 

Finding it hard to prioritize? 

Struggling to stay on top of work and chores? 

Feeling you are not accomplishing your goals? 
Frustrated that you are not making progress?

Relationships suffering or non-existent? 

Click here: I want to get unstuck!

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