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Academic and Life Coaching for 

Adults and Adolescents with ADHD

Tel: 201-785-7820


Adhd academic coaching
Academic Coaching for Students

These are one-on-one coaching sessions customized to the pace and unique needs of the student  and designed to offer support, accountability and individualized attention. Coaching sessions cover any or all of the following areas:

  • Structuring and scheduling time for work

  • Addressing and understanding procrastination 

  • Establishing good work habits and study skills

  • Creating efficient organizational systems

  • Strategies for remembering information and deadlines

  • Classroom Management: Note-Taking and Self Advocacy

Cogmed Working Memory Training
Research shows that most people with attention deficit disorder have a working memory deficit. Cogmed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program using a Mac, PC or I-pad that helps individuals improve attention and focus by training their working memory. It is delivered under the supervision of a Cogmed Qualified Coach, and can be done in the convenience of the user's home. 
Cogmed Working Memory Training is built around three easy-to-use and age-specific program applications that incorporate a variety of tasks that automatically increases with difficulty, gradually improving the user's abilities. 
life coaching

Life Coaching for Adults

If you have ADHD or executive functioning challenges, an ADHD coach can partner with you and provide guidance, support and accountability to manage daily challenges.


Sessions are catered to your needs and goals, and can serve to help you to be more aware of the nature of ADHD, its impact on your life, achieve professional or personal goals, identify your strengths and weak points, and develop skills and strategies for a better and more productive life.

Small Group Sessions

"Blueprint for Success" is a five session program for the student who would benefit from learning in small groups and structured, interactive environment.  Sessions are available during the school year and in August. Contact 201-785-7820 for dates and times. See Summer Program page for 2021. 


  • Self-Awareness: "Knowing Me"

  • Self-Advocacy: "Speaking Up"

  • Organization: "Creating Order Out of Chaos"

  • Time Management: "Getting the most out of Time"

  • Study Skills: "Essential Practices for School Success" 


executive function coaching
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