Middle School

Middle School can be an exciting time as you develop greater independence, enjoy new freedom, explore different activities and interests, and make new friends. 


However, it can an overwhelming time as the expectations are much greater. You are expected to:

  • use a system for organizing schoolwork; including assignments, notebooks,

  • keep track of homework assignments, progress and due dates.

  • follow complex school schedule involving changing teachers and changing schedules

  • remember materials and books needed for each class and to take home

  • plan and carry out long term projects, including tasks to be completed and timeline to follow

  • plan and execute multiple projects simultaneously

  • explore and get involve in extra-curricular activities and sports

  • begin to look ahead and set personal and academic goals


Middle school is an opportune time to develop good habits and learn "self-management"skills (organization, planning, time management, study skills) that will be needed at the high school level.

If you struggle with managing your day-to-day responsibilities as a student, you may benefit from one-on-one academic coaching sessions. Contact 201-312-4720.

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