High School

Like Middle School, High School can be an exciting time as you look ahead and prepare for college or vocational work. However, it can be a very stressful time as the expectations and responsibilities increases.


It is common for students to be feel overwhelmed by the pressures of high school. As a High School student, your executive function (cognitive) skills are still developing and each student develop at a different pace and level.


At the high school level, you are expected to:

  • independently ​manage schoolwork on a day to day basis, including completing and submitting assignments in on time

  • study for different exams and tests e.g. class quizzes and tests, SAT, ACT. AP's, 

  • explore and research colleges and careers

  • select and make decision around high school course selections

  • balance time commitment on various activities, sports, clubs and your job

  • juggle multiple projects and prioritize

  • create and follow schedules for long term projects, and make adjustments 

  • establish and refine a long term goal and make plans for meeting that goal

If you are struggling to stay on top of your work and feeling frustrated, you may benefit from an academic coach who can guide your through establishing good study habits, learning and practicing test-taking strategies, using effective time management practices and navigating through planning and prioritizing your work load.

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