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Teens and ADHD

The adolescent years are exciting times of growth and transitions, filled with increased independence, decision-making about college, career choices, and relationships.


Students Between Classes

Academic and Life Coaching for 
Adults and Adolescents with ADHD & Executive Function Disorder
Tel: 201-785-7820

Yet, as a student with ADHD, it can be a difficult and discouraging time as you try to manage your school work and extracurricular activities. It is not uncommon for students to encounter these challenges: 

  • Staying focus in class and on homework

  • Initiating work and procrastinating; leaving assignments to the last minute

  • Forgetting due dates and assignments; misplacing and losing belongings

  • Under-estimating time needed for an assignment

  • Difficulty in prioritizing and planning multiple assignments and long term assignments; wasting time in non-essential activities

  • Completing school assignments in a timely manner, and remembering to submit assignments

  • Difficulty with transitions and changes - adjusting to new school or college, or new school year

  • Neglecting self-care - poor sleep and eating habits; lack of exercise

  • Lack self-advocacy to seek help and make positive changes

  • Lack motivation or confidence to change current circumstances

  • Frustration, feeling stressed and overwhelmed

To address these challenges, four areas are explored in academic coaching sessions with students:

self-awareness, self-advocacy, self-management and self-care.

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