As a college student transitioning into adulthood, you will realize that you have increasing autonomy and independence but also greater responsibility in managing your day-to-day life.


Probably, the greatest challenge for today's college student, besides the school work, is time management. Your life as a college student is "time-sensitive" as you manage different deadlines for classes, registration, housing, internships/work and other activities, therefore, looking ahead and planning is crucial for you and college students. 

As a college student and an adult, you are expected to:

  • get up and show up for class

  • prioritize how you spend  your time as it relates to studying, socializing, working and resting.

  • plan, create and manage your schedule, including long term projects and assignments

  • research, identify and monitor the coursework needed to fulfill your major

  • research and take advantage of academic resources and support available to you

  • advocate for yourself, seek help and make appointments with academic and financial advisors; seek academic accommodations from Special Services, if needed

  • select and register for classes

  • research and apply for internships, include resume-writing and preparing for interviews; researching and reviewing suitable organizations for work

  • research and apply for on-campus or off-campus housing

  • look for a part-time work or prepare for full-time work and a career after graduation

  • explore the option of graduate work

  • manage your finances; manage spending, pay bills and save money. 

  • responsible for self-care; take medications, make healthy choices around eating, exercise and sleep

If you think you might need additional guidance and support, academic coaching sessions are available to college students through SKYPE or Face Time.

Contact 201-312-4720 for more information.

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