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Students with ADHD

The adolescent years are exciting times of growth and transitions, filled with increased independence, decision-making about college, career choices, and relationships. Yet, as a teen with ADHD, you may find that you are experiencing some or all of the following challenges:

  • poor organizational skills

  • lost homework and misplaced belongings

  • lack of planning leading to overloaded schedule

  • difficulty in getting started and staying on task, and constant procrastination 

  • projects with little or no time to complete

  • lack of self-advocacy to seek help and clarification on school work

  • limited time management and study skills

  • stressful and overwhelming workload

  • lack of motivation and feelings of hopelessness

  • neglected self-care - poor sleep and eating habits

  • difficulty in transitions - moving to middle school, high school or even to college


To address these challenges, several options are available to help students: Cogmed Working Memory training, individual academic coaching sessions, Skype or Face Time for college students living away from home.

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