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Teens and ADHD

Students with ADHD

The adolescent years are exciting times of growth and transitions, filled with increased independence, decision-making about college, career choices, and relationships. Yet, as a student with ADHD, you may find that you experience some of the following challenges:

  • Poor organizational skills - misplaced and lost belongings

  • Poor study skills - difficulty in remembering information and staying focused; get easily distracted and difficulty staying on track; procrastination and assignments left to the last minute

  • Poor time management - under-estimate time needed for an assignment, difficulty in prioritizing and planning multiple assignments and long term assignments; waste time in non-essential activities

  • Initiating work and completing school assignments

  • Frustration and feeling overwhelmed

  • Difficulty with transitions and changes - adjusting to new school or college, or new school year

  • Neglect self-care - poor sleep and eating habits, and lack of exercise

  • Lack self-advocacy to seek help

  • Lack motivation or confidence to change current circumstances

To address these challenges, four areas are explored in detail in our academic coaching sessions with middle school, high school and college students: self-awareness, self-advocacy, self-management and self-care.

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